Biodidactic is a portmanteau that has evolved from the Greek words bios, βίος meaning: life and didaktikós meaning:  apt at teaching, instructive & intended for instruction.

People used to tell me I was such an autodidact, but for as long as I can remember the trees and insects have whispered their stories and truths in my heart. I am a biodidact and Biodidactic.com is a showcase of my design work and deep love of the earth.

Good design, like a good life, needs to be diverse and adaptive. As such, the Biodidactic microcosm embraces any and all things anthropological, biologically inspired, cognitively cultivated, culinarily inclined, geologically rooted, psychologically literate, sociologically informed, sustainably oriented, well designed & well, of life.

All photography, content and designs © Biodidactic, ©Andie Olive